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2nd North Rainham Rainbows meets every Tuesday

during term times at a local school in Rainham, Kent.   

Rainbows was launched in the UK in 1987 and

our unit opened 10th May 1993.  

We have been an active unit for nearly 29 years. 

There are several Rainbow Units in the Rainham, Gillingham and surrounding areas,

all meeting at different venues and on different days.

To join the waiting list of any unit just scroll down and click on the 'join us' link

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The same link can be used to register for any Brownie Unit unless your daughter

is already a member of Girlguiding. If  you already have a daughter in Girlguiding just register any other daughters or register for brownies via your parent account. 

Scroll down to find out more about Rainbows and our safe guarding policy.  

Please note that all Rainbows Units are charities in their own right.  This means that we can claim back 25p for each £1 paid in subs and use this money to directly benefit the girls to pay for activity badges and to fund some of our weekly activities.  If either you or your partner pay income tax, please sign the gift aid form section of the 'starting form'  as this also helps to keep subs low.

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Rainbows, a fun and exciting programme for all girls aged 4-7
(This unit takes girls from aged 4 once they are settled into School).

Rainbows is all about developing self-confidence, building friendships, learning new things and having fun.


Girls get their hands dirty with arts and crafts, getting in touch with nature and playing games.

It's all about learning by doing in a fun age appropriate way..

We give girls their own space to make friends and learn new things in a safe and friendly environment. 

We encourage girls to talk about what they personally think and feel.  We give them the confidence to be able to talk to others about their views and opinions.

Rainbows  adapts and changes as the lives of girls change.  For example age appropriate new technology themed activities are being added to our programme all the time and girls own feedback is used to directly influence the new activities that are regularly being added to our programme. 

Spaces at Rainbows usually only become available when girls turn 7 and move onto Brownies.  We usually operate a waiting list so it is worth signing up and adding your name to our waiting list early. We offer spaces from our waiting list based on a combination of age and how long the girls have been on the waiting list to try and offer as many girls as possible a chance to experience Rainbows.

Click on the link below to find out more about Rainbows, the youngest section of Girlguiding.



2nd North Rainham Rainbows currently does have a vacancy and will be reopening our waiting list as we will have a few further spaces at the end of the summer term/start of the new school year.  

Click on youtube link below to learn more about Rainbows.

Scroll down and click on link to register interest if you wish to join Rainbows/add your daughter's name to our waiting list.



Girls wear a rainbows top and either jog pants, leggings or shorts.  There is also an optional hoodie available for the winter months and an optional badge sash. Girls choose whether they wish to display their badges on a badge sash, their top or on their hoodie [most of girls in our unit choose to display their badges on their rainbows top}

In addition to our special uniform, we also need our Ready for Rainbows Handbook which explains all about becoming a Rainbow and our Badge Book where all our badge work gets recorded.  It can also be useful to have a special bag to carry our books in.

Click on link below to find out more about the Rainbows Uniform.   


Please note that uniform items, ready for rainbow handbook and badge books can all be ordered directly from your Unit Leader at a discounted price.  It is also perfectly ok to source pre-loved uniform items.



Meet Olivia our mascot playing on the trim-trail at the venue where we meet. 


The girls are able to make use of the lovely school grounds.

We have girls join us at 2nd North Rainbows from all the schools in the local area.



Every Rainbow Unit follows the same programme and chooses from a central pool of meeting activities.  However each unit may select to do these activities in a slightly different order or may pick out slightly different activities.   In addition to the central pool of activities units also select additional activities they'd like to do too. 


Our current programme was launched September 2018.  It is hoped that every girl that is able to join Rainbows at age 4 or shortly after their 5th Birthday will be able to achieve the highest award in Rainbows (the Gold Award), if they wish to do so, before they move onto Brownies.  If girls join a little later it may not be feasible to achieve the 'Gold Award' due to time constraints, but by attending meetings regularly and choosing to do some of the Interest Badges they may be able to achieve some of the special Theme Awards and maybe even the 'Bronze Award' or 'Silver Award' in addition to having a fantastic time learning lots of new skills.  When girls move onto Brownies they will have the chance to work towards and earn the Brownies 'Gold Award' and will continue to make progress through the Skillsbuilder Badge stages starting at stage 2 and moving onto stage 3 when they are ready to do so.  In Brownies they will have different Interest Badges they can work on and a different set of unit activities to enjoy and take part in.

Programme overview:
The Rainbows programme has 6 special themed areas that the girls will do activities

around  during unit meetings.

These themed areas will also carry forward to Brownies, Guides and Rangers:- 
Know myself - all about getting to know who you are, and your role in Girlguiding and the wider world.
• Express myself - showing off and sharing your creativity with others.
• Be well - helping you look after your own and others’ physical and mental well-being.
Have adventures - exploring the outdoors and nature.
Take action - using your voice to help your local community and the wider world.
• Skills for my future - giving you all the right building blocks for you to become independent and successful in life.

There are several different types of badges earned by Rainbows and these are displayed on their rainbow top, badge sash or hoodie:-

Skills-builder badges - badges earned by having fun in your unit working on activities in small groups.

There are 6 different stages within each one and Rainbows start at Stage 1.
• Interest badges - badges you work towards on your own outside the unit meetings,

choosing the things you’re most interested in.  You get to show other girls in the unit what you have done as part of each Interest Badge.  Please see Badge book for further details. Interest Badges are optional.
• Anniversary badges - these are given on the anniversary date from the date girls joined Rainbows and are designed to celebrate everything you learn by being part of Girlguiding.  Badges continue to be given each year that the girls continue their guiding journey through Brownies, Guides and Rangers.
• Promise Badge: This is awarded to girls when they make their special promise and is worn on the left hand side of their Rainbows top over their heart.
Activity Theme Awards - Girls earn theme awards by completing 1 interest badge and 1 skills builder badge for each of the theme areas (matching colours) and in addition to this also doing 3 hrs of special unit activities in the themed programme areas during the meeting place. These official activities range in duration from 10-60 minutes so it can take a while to 'earn' the 3 hours worth of activities in each theme. Rainbows everywhere will be selecting and carrying out activities from the same choice of unit meeting activities and the same skillsbuilders to earn the activity theme awards throughout the UK.  If you want to find out how your daughter is progressing towards any of the theme awards please take a look at your daughter's

GO record (Guiding Organiser)  or  speak to Tawny Owl or Squirrel.

  • Rainbow Silver Award - This is a special achievement award introduced  from January 2020 for girls that achieve               4 of the 6 Theme Awards.  Girls are given a special Bronze Award cloth badge to wear and a certificate of achievement.

  • Rainbow Bronze Award - This is a special achievement award introduced January 2020 for girls that achieve                      2 of the 6 Theme Awards. Girls are given a special Silver Award cloth badge to wear and a certificate of achievement.

  • Rainbow Gold Award - This is a really special achievement and the highest award in Rainbows.  To achieve it the girls                                           need to obtain all 6 Activity Theme Awards and also complete the special Gold Award challenge.                              Girls are given a special Gold Award cloth badge to wear and a certificate of achievement.

  • Pot of Gold Badge -This special cloth badge is awarded to girls when they leave Rainbows and move onto Brownies                                                                     and is worn whilst they are a Brownie to show that they were a Rainbow.                          Girls will also be given a bronze, silver or gold award pin badge to wear whilst a brownie if they achieved those awards.

This is a photo of our first girls in our unit to ever

receive the  Rainbows Gold Award at our Unit. 

The District Commissioner came along to award

this very special achievement.

[photo used with full permission of parent]





Click on the Girlguiding Website link below to find out more about our programme, the different sections or Interest Badges.


Gold Award



This is a photo of one of the activities offered recently at our District Thinking Day event.

Girls from all sections were able to have a go at a range of activities such as zorbing and go-karting as well as joining in crafts and games.

district event thinking day 1.jpg


We love crafts and making things and doing badgework!  

We give girls a voice.

We love exploring and playing outdoors.

We are for all girls.

Girls feedback is used to develop new activities.

We follow a balanced and varied central programme.

We give girls their own space.

We change as the lives of girls change.

Rainbows is exciting, friendly and a lot of fun!

Some of our girls actively ask when they will receive badges that they see the older girls have sewn on their uniform. 

We most definitely encourage enthusiastic girls like this to look at the 12 interest badges in their badge books as they can do these whenever they want, when they are ready, if they wish to do so. 

We also provide regular updates on their progress towards their skillsbuilder badges and theme awards and if they miss an activity can usually provide details of what they can do at home to be accredited with the activity. 

To find out more about what we have been doing during our weekly meetings, please take a look at our facebook page and in particular click on our photo albums. 

In additional to crafts, making things, playing outdoors, we also love teamwork activities, singing traditional campfire songs and playing games.  We also help each other learn new skills like plaiting, tying our shoe laces or playing the boomwhackers.  


We are a non-profit making charity and rely upon volunteer helpers and current girls recruiting new members

by telling others about the fun they have at Rainbows.  Please help us by visiting and 'liking' our facebook page and also by spreading the word about Rainbows.



Girls make  the guide sign with their right hand and say a special promise: 

“I promise to do my best 

to think about my beliefs 

and to be kind and helpful”

rainbows squirrel.png


All leaders for Rainbows,  Brownies and Guides are voluntary (unpaid).  Squirrel has been both a Guide and Brownie Leader and is currently our Rainbow Leader and has volunteered in Girlguiding for 19 years

and has been our rainbow leader since 2004.

Squirrel has worked at Thames View Primary School for over 8 years. Squirrel has also helped out on a voluntary basis (unpaid) at  St Margaret's Infant School for over 12 years and worked as a paid supply Teaching Assistant at Abbey Court Special Needs School.  Prior to this she ran St Margaret's Church Mother and Toddler Group 'First Steps' (unpaid) for 5 years.  Squirrel currently works as a paid full time Learning Support Maths Assistant at Robert Napier School Secondary School and has worked there for over 7 years.  


Tawny Owl also helps us at Rainbows and has also been a Brownie Leader.  Several parents also help us.  We warmly welcome any assistance any parent can give either on a regular or an occasional basis.

Our priority is keeping your daughter safe.  To learn more about our safe guarding policy and how we give the girls their own safe space, click on the link below.  Our starting documentation gathers information about allergies and seeks photo permission. 

Any photos taken for our website or facebook page (for publicity purposes) are always taken with permission and never show identifiable features like the face. 

Please note all the photos used on this website showing pictures of faces are official guiding publicity photos.



Looking for a way for your daughter to make new friends, have fun and grow her confidence? Rainbows is it.

Click link below to Register to join Rainbows.  If you wish to join our unit select "2nd North Rainham Rainbows" from the geomap.  Please be reassured that you can select your most suitable unit as all units follow the same programme and all Units are run by leaders that have undergone the same quality Girlguiding Training Programme.

If you already have a daughter in Girlguiding you will have a

'parent account' and need to use that account to register any additional daughters so family details are linked together.